TARA FILM is co-production partner of the film JEW SÜSS - RISE AND FALL (Director: Oskar Roehler).

Production: Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion (www.novotnyfilm.at)
Co-producer: Clasart Filmproduktion & Tele München, Markus Zimmer
In cooperation with Lotus Film and Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion.

The film tells the story of "Jud Süß" - leading actor Ferdinand Marian, who gets caught in the wheels of manipulation of Joseph Goebbels. With the aid of Veit Harlan's direction Goebbels tries to substantiate his crusade of destruction. Marian - driven by success and naivety - maneuvers himself into a game, which eventually is his ruin.



(Latvia/Austria 2009)

Cross your heart and hope to die! Can you honestly swear that at least once in your life you have not thought that robbing a bank is a good idea? Especially, if you’re five years old and that bank has just thrown your parents out of a brand new apartment, because your father has lost his job.

Robby (5) is no Zorro, but he’d like to be. His sister Louise (7) thinks he’s too childish, but can’t resist the game of robbing a bank. Together they can pull off just about anything. Getting away with it is the hard part.


28. Kinderfilmfest Augsburg, Germany, October 2010
1st Prize, Pupil's Jury, Class 7a, Justus-von-Liebig Gymnasium Neusäß

Deutsches Kinder-Medien-Festival "Goldener Spatz", Gera und Erfurt, Germany, April 2010
Professional's Jury Award for the best preschool programme

KidsFfest, International Film Festival for Children and Young People, Jakarta, Indonesia, April 2010
Audience Award

36. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg, Germany, January 2010
1st Prize of the Children’s and Youth Film section

Minsk International Festival of Children’s And Youthful Cinema “Listapadik”, Belarus, November 2009
Grand Prix
Diploma for Best Director - Armands Zvirbulis

National Film Festival „Lielais Kristaps”, Latvia, October 2009
Best Director - Armands Zvirbulis
Best Make-Up - Ilze Trumpe
Audience Award

21st Children’s Film Festival Bielefeld, Germany, October 2009
Award of the Children's Jury

"Artek" International Children’s Film Festival, Crimea, Ukraine, Juli 2009
Best Adventure Film Award

Filmfest München, Germany, July 2009
Audience Award

49th International Festival for Children and Youth Zlin, Czech Republic, June 2009
Recognition of Ecumenical Jury

8th Riga International Children film festival „Berimora Kino 2009“, Latvia, April 2009
Main Prize „Berimor’s Big Pillow“

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(Austria 2006)

When her parents split up, eight-year-old Karo seeks refuge with the Lord God, convinced that a lonely down-and-out she meets is in the fact the Almighty...


SCHAU HIN! Audience Prize 2008, Hamburg

25. Augsburger Kinderfilmfest, March 2007
1. Prize Children’s Jury
1. Prize Adult’s Jury

33. Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg, January 2007
Prize for the best children’s film

CARROUSEL International du Film de Rimouski, October 2006
Camério for the best script

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(Austria/Switzerland 2004)

12-year-old Marie, a lively and quick-witted girl, has a very unusual relationship with the house where she and her extended family live. It talks to her – and it reacts like a human being. Marie’s Granny, who has dreamt for years of helping humanity with inventions that benefit the environment, falls victim to a devious con man and will now be forced to sell the house. So Marie, with the help of her friends Konrad and Stefan, decide to do whatever it takes in order to save the villa.


17. Bielefelder Kinder- und Jugendfilmfest, November 2005
Best children’s film

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